Foundation Apprenticeships

Breaking down barriers between school and work

Foundation Apprenticeships

Foundation Apprenticeships offer pupils in S5 and S6 in Scotland the opportunity to attain qualifications while engaging in work-based learning within the school environment. These apprenticeships present a pathway to a ‘higher’ qualification without the need for exams, providing valuable support and guidance throughout the learning process.

At the Highland Learning Academy, we facilitate Foundation Apprenticeships for pupils across the Highlands and Islands, whether they are based in schools or are learning remotely. Contact us to explore how your school or child can participate in these enriching programmes.

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We offer a range of Foundation Apprenticeships across the Highlands and Islands tailored to various career interests, including:

Foundation Apprenticeship in Business Skills SCQF6

Our Business Skills apprenticeship offers pupils a comprehensive introduction to the world of business. With relevance across diverse industries, this qualification equips learners with transferable skills crucial for future career endeavours. It’s a Higher SCQF6 qualification, eliminating the need for exams, and is recognised as entry criteria for colleges and universities, counting as one or two Highers at A pass level.

Foundation Apprenticeship in Creative & Digital Media SCQF6

For pupils with an interest in digital media applications, our Creative & Digital Media apprenticeship provides an ideal starting point. Collaborating with local film provider DP Digital Media, we offer specialised knowledge and skills relevant to the digital media landscape. This qualification, like the Business Skills apprenticeship, is a Higher SCQF6 certification without exams, accepted as entry to colleges and universities, with equivalence to one or two Highers at A pass level.

And so much more

Here you can find our other courses and qualifications.

Why Choose HLA for a Foundation Apprenticeship?

Discover the distinct advantages of choosing Highland Learning Academy for your Foundation Apprenticeship. With us, you’ll benefit from:

Tailored Programmes

Our apprenticeships are designed to meet your specific career interests and goals, ensuring relevance and practicality.

Industry Relevance

Gain valuable skills and knowledge aligned with current industry needs, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced team and partners provide personalised support and guidance every step of the way, empowering you to excel in your apprenticeship.

Flexible Learning

Whether you’re based in schools or want to learn remotely, our flexible approach accommodates your needs, making learning accessible and convenient.

Recognised Qualifications

Our Higher SCQF6 certifications open doors to further education and career opportunities, without the stress of exams.

Our Foundation Apprenticeships are available across the Highlands and Islands.

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